“Jeff is one of the most energetic hard working people that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He has been a huge asset to me in recruiting and building a strong team of professionals. He made it happen quickly and with ease. He is a pleasure to work with as well! I couldn’t recommend him more!”

-John C. |  SVP Production

“Jeff Mason is a tireless networker and a s a result has experienced significant success in the recruiter arena. I have used Jeff to fill top level positions and he possesses a special talent for the identification of people your should meet. Jeff has developed into a top level resource for anyone looking to build their business particularly in Texas.

-Richard S. |  EVP National Production Manager

“We have used Jeff as our primary recruiter for several years. I can recommend him without hesitation. Jeff consistently delivers high quality results.”

-Jim H. | Regional Vice President

“Jeff is a hard working gentleman with great integrity and drive. His attributes include motivation, charm, patience and intelligence. I have networked with him for several years and always found him to be incredibly supportive and his work ethic has always been impressive. I am confident Jeff will be successful in everything he does.”

-Vicki M. | Executive Director

“Jeff is the very best recruiter I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is well liked by everyone who has worked with him and relates to a recruit or business partner the first time they are introduced. He has an unusual ability to understand the needs of the recruit and the needs of the employer. He is unique in his approach and makes both parties feel important. Jeff has character, a great work ethic, and is reliable and trustworthy. Jeff is the service provider and partner you want every business associate that you come in contact with to emulate.”

-Tony C. | Area Sales Manager

“Jeff is a hard worker and extremely professional in all cases. He maintains a positive, friendly attitude everytime I see him. He is always staying ahead of industry trends to provide the best candidates for his clients’ needs.”

-Alyssa J. | Oil & Gas Recruiting Specialist

“Jeff is the penchant of professionalism. A true asset to our organization for all of our staffing needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire or be hired in the mortgage industry.”

-David Z.

“I have known Jeff as a colleague in the industry for the past 3 years. I have had Jeff work on my behalf as well as partnered with Jeff on various assignments to find quality talent for the organization. Jeff does a great job of working with potential candidates prior to submission to the parent company. Jeff is very knowledgable about the industry and knows what it takes for individuals to succeed in the business. Our communication and follow up is some of the best I have ever experienced in my career.”

-Ed F. | Financial Manager

“Jeff Mason is an outstanding professional who has the vision and drive to fill a marketplace niche with an innovative, valued service. More importantly, I know Jeff to be a person of integrity and authenticity – and a good friend as a result. I have worked with Jeff as his Manager and as a peer and he knows his industry inside and out. He is a strong recruiter who relies heavily on his network and is well respected in his field. I highly endorse Jeff Mason for anyone in need of his expertise!”

-Sharon D. | Senior Search Director

“Jeff is a very driven staffing professional with a strong commitment to both clients and candidates. He was constantly one of our top producers and was an integral part of our team. I highly recommend working with Jeff for any staffing needs.”

-Eric O. | Vice President

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff previously as a colleague and watching him evolve throughout the years. I respect his tenacity, the network he has developed for himself, and his longevity in a tough and competitive industry segment. Jeff has always maintained a genuine desire to offer his clients stellar service and the best talent on market!”

-Steven L. | HR Business Partner

“Jeff is one of the sharpest recruiters out there. He has mastered a specific niche in the Mortgage and financial industries that makes him a very attractive commodity. His level of professionalism is excellent and he makes the transition between career steps for a professional, an enjoyable and positive experience. That’s what makes him great. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone and would hire him in a second to work with me gain… and one day…I will.”

-Kent M. | Strategic Accounts Director

“I had the great pleasure of working with Jeff during his tenure at Richard, Wayne and Roberts. Jeff is an asset to any organization; he’s efficient, persistent, professional and very funny. I highly recommend him!”

-Cherice V. | Executive Recruiter

“Jeff worked with me as a recruiter in direct hire placement at RWR and I strongly recommend him! Not only was Jeff a great recruiter whom his candidates and clients enjoyed working with, but he did and does have strong values and integrity that separate the few from the many in this industry. His commitment level and follow up are both top notch. If you don’t know Jeff, you should!”

-Anna C. | Director Accounting & Finance Professional Search